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Chicken Balti (Gf)

Chicken With A Delicious Blend Of Spices Tomatoes, Capsicum, Chillies, Garlic, Onion And Peppers.

Chicken Curry (Gf)

Pieces Of Chicken Stewed In An Onion And Tomato Based Sauce.

Chicken Korma (Gf)

Chicken With Cashew Nut Creamy Sauce.

Chicken Lahori (Gf)

Pieces Of Boneless Chicken And Potato With Onion Tomato Thick Sauce Finishing With Ginger And Coriander.

Chicken Madras (Gf)

Chicken Cooked With Some Distinct Ingredients And Finished With Roasted Coconut.

Chicken Peshawari (Gf)

Chicken With Two Different Sauces : Coconut Creamy Sauce And Dry Fruit Peshwari Sauce.

Chicken Phall (Gf)

Hot And Spicy Chicken Curry Cooked In Roasted Red Chili Onion Tomatoes And Garlic With Varieties Of Chillies.

Chicken Saag (Gf)

Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In Pureed Spinach, Ginger, Tomato And Spices.

Chicken Vindaloo (Gf)

Marinated Chicken Cooked In A Hot And Spicy Curry With Vindaloo Sauce.

Kadhai Chicken (Gf)

Chicken Consists Of Red And Green Capsicum In Tomato Based Sauce With Kadhai Spices.

Kashmiri Chicken (Gf)

Kashmiri Chicken Cooked With Cashew Creamy Cherry Sauce And Flavour Of Kashmiri Spices.

Mango Chicken (Gf)

Indo-British Style Chicken Cooked With Creamy Mango Sauce.



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